Sep 02, 2020
Tucker Fagen
War Planning and the President's Nuclear Football

Tucker Fagan is a retired U S Air Force Colonel who spent his 30 year career in missile and space operations.  He is a former F E Warren AFB wing commander and 20th Air Force vice commander.  He spent significant time helping the Air Force do nuclear war planning and is considered an expert in the area.  When Ronald Reagan became President, Tucker was the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Nuclear Section, where he prepared the nuclear “Football” for the President.  The Football is a set of procedures and codes the President needs to initiate a launch of nuclear weapons in the event the U S is attacked.  As such it is carried by a senior officer (usually a Lieutenant Colonel (Army, Air Force, Marines) or a Commander (Navy).  The Football literally goes wherever the President goes.  Tucker gave President Reagan his initial briefing on the Football, teaching him the procedures, timing and options.