On August 15, 2011, Andre Van Hall woke up and couldn't see below his chest. He would later be told by a doctor that he had  non-arteritic ischemic optic neuropathy. The prognosis - "you will be blind in two weeks."
It was a major blow to someone who by all measures is a high achiever who had helped run some of the most prestigious hospitality locals in the world, was the CEO of the Denver Athletic Club, and an Ivy League grad who speaks five languages. 
While lying on the gurney that August day, he decided the darkness he saw didn't need to be compounded with emotional darkness as well. He decided to embrace the changes that would soon become necessary to his life. On Wednesday, May 31, he will speak to the Rotary Club of Cheyenne about what it means to be a change leader and the role our natural curiosity plays in that process.  AndrĂ© and his wife Nancy reside in Denver, Colorado. Still an avid skier, AndrĂ© also enjoys tandem bicycling and cooking. Van Allen speaks for thousands of dollars each engagement, but is also a member of the Denver Rotary Club and has agreed to join us on May 31 for free. 
Rotarians are nothing if not leaders in our community. Andre will help us to keep that fire lit. 
So save the date, bring a friend, and join us as we hear from one of the top motivational speakers in the country. Click here to check out a little more about Andre.