Our Rotarian of the Week grew up on a ranch northwest of Albin, Wyoming, and attended Albin High School, home of the Wildcats. Our special Rotarian enjoys Rotary for the fellowship among so many great people and the tremendous difference Rotary makes in our community. His first job was picking up nails and staples in the corrals for a penny each.  If he was lucky, he might find 5 or 10 in an hour.  Having found success in the collection business, Ron Rabou went onto earn his associates degree in agriculture from LCCC and his bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Business from the University of Wyoming.  Ron continues to farm outside Albin and works as a motivational speaker.  Ron and his wife Julie have been married over 10 years and have two boys, Carson and Spencer.  His favorite meal is a good old fashioned Louisiana crawfish boil and cold beer.  In his spare time he enjoys playing the guitar and playing with his band “Midlife Crisis.”  His most memorable Rotary experience was serving as the emcee of the 2nd and 3rd Cranium Cup, where he used the opportunity to invoke passion and competition among the competitors.  Ron’s proudest accomplishment has been building his farm where his family now lives in the summer months.  Ron has been a member of our Club since 2009 when he was sponsored by George McIlvaine.  Since then he has been an active member of our Student of the Month committee and twice served as the emcee for our Club’s Cranium Cup.  In appreciation of his service to our Club, the Sergeant of Arms presented him with a gift certificate and a special book.