Speaker Date Topic
Carly Rando and Jera Likely Mar 29, 2023
Rotary World Community Serivice
Katie Cheesbrough Apr 05, 2023
Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation
Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation

Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation’s mission is to conserve and enhance populations of bighorn sheep throughout Wyoming, to safeguard against their decline, and to fund programs for professional management of these populations, keeping administrative costs to a minimum.

Foster the conservation of healthy bighorn sheep populations, promote Wyoming’s hunting heritage, engage and educate citizens in scientifically sound wildlife stewardship, and encourage youth participation to ensure future conservation.
This vision is achieved through fundraising and educating public on issues affecting bighorn sheep, habitat, and hunting opportunities. We support strong science-based policies to retain and restore bighorn sheep habitats and sustainable funding for wildlife management. Our vision is brought to life by hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who recognize both the cultural and conservation significance of Wyoming’s bighorn sheep population.