The 2014-2015 year has been another year of change for the Public Relations committee. We have continued to look at how we get information out and how we assure we stay in contact with all of our club members. Mary Schwem has continued to work on updating the website and the COG.  She
was able to change to a new Club Runner system that allows for us to run different types of reports and give different levels of access. She also continues to print the COG each week and archive them all on the website. If you have not been to the website recently, I encourage you to go take a look. It is a fantastic resource for links, history, and general information about
We have also continued to work on our social media presence. The Facebook page has  focused on both sharing club information as well as finding ways to educate about Rotary International initiatives. We currently have over 700 followers and it is growing each day.  You can check us out
at A big thank you to all of the Facebook committee members who make sure get the information out.  We have also started a Twitter feed this year and are working on the best way to use this tool.  If you are a Twitter user and would like to help us out, let
me or Mary know. @RotaryCheyenne
Photos are the basis for much of the PR we do through the above media.  Lucie Osborn has been amazing help this year with taking pictures at all of our events.  We have developed a fairly large file of pictures that we use throughout the year. If you having a project that needs pictures of our club, let me know and we will see what we can fine.
The directory also falls under the PR committee. This year’s project focused on combining the multiple databases that we used to populate the directory. We are now tracking all information in the Club Runner system. We will pull all of the information out of that database in order to create the new directory for next year. We encourage all Rotarians to go out and make sure their information is correct and make any changes.  The directory will be printed this summer. The
directory is also available on line for smart phones. Initial log-in is required. If you need help, please
contact Mary Schwem at
Finally we said goodbye to on of our long-time committee members/  Darcee Snider has help us put together the NHS insert for the last few years.  This year she moved back to Gillette to help with her family.  We were lucky to have Lauri Heath step in to help us get the NHS insert together.  A great big thank you to everyone that helped write articles that educate our community about all of the good work we do through our club.
Brittany Ashby
Public Relations Director