George recognized at Bain Elementary.
Doctors have discovered that George  suffered from a disease called Prion Disease.  I will not go into detail regarding the specifics of this disease.  Unfortunately, George passed away this past Saturday.  
This has been a sudden event, one that has taken folks by surprise.  As you know, George has a lot of friends who would love to provide support for the family.  Although the family would love to accommodate this, it simply is not feasible.  
A lot of discussion has taken place regarding visitors, phone calls etc.  The idea came up to create a message board.  A place where anyone can come onto the website, read about others' experiences with George, write about their own experiences, send personal notes to George and his family, etc.  This forum was created today and can be reached by clicking on the  link below or copying the link and pasting into your browser.  
As mentioned at Rotary today, I am not a computer guy and this will be the first forum I have created, which also means this is the first forum I will administer.  While inside this forum, please participate.  The message board is intended as an avenue for the family to get a chance to hear from all of you.  If you have problems please contact President Chad at