RYLA and YRYLA  - have been cancelled for this summer.


 Rotary Youth Exchange

The Cowboy Country Rotary Youth Exchange has suspended

all incoming and outgoing Rotary international youth exchanges,

including all short-term exchanges scheduled for this summer and

long-term exchanges planned for the 2020-21 school year.


Our Second Grade Literacy and Ethics project – also called the

Andy and Elmer Apple Dumpling Adventure – Also called the Andy

and Elmer’s Apple Dumpling Adventure, this project should have

been mostly wrapped up before spring break.  Unfortunately,

about a third of the schools did not get their books before break,

and we will likely be unable to get them to the students this year. 

If you have books that you were not able to deliver, please contact

Robin Sims.  We will store these materials and try again next year. 


Don Day - The High Altitude Balloon project and launch

at McCormick and Central this spring has been cancelled. 

Don Day will keep us posted on whether we can do something

at the Boys and Girls Club this summer.  We hope for better

winds next year, as the funding provided through the

Microsoft TechSpark grant will allow us to do this project for

several years to come.


The Rotary International Convention in Hawaii is cancelled,

as is the Rotary District 5440 Conference in Greeley.