Runner, Cyclist, CEO, this high energy Rotarian is perfect to lead an energy co-op...
Brian Heithoff, CEO/General Manger High West Energy
Other than Rotary, which community organizations are you involved in?
I am involved in several organizations, which includes the Cheyenne Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Wranglers, LEADS Board of Directors and Co-chair of Forward Greater Cheyenne.   I most value working with people to affect positive change for the community and its citizens. 
What have you found to be most beneficial being a member of Rotary?
While making a difference in people’s lives brings satisfaction, the most beneficial part of being a Rotarian is the friendships I have formed over the years.  Some of my best friends I met through Rotary.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
I have a wide variety of interests.  I enjoy running and cycling – they are constants in my life.  I have participated in numerous 10k’s, half marathons and cycling events.  I am happy to say that I completed my first marathon in July in Seattle.  You can usually find me doing some form of exercise most mornings.
My kids are all in college, which has replaced the high school athletic events, plays and musicals with festivals, banquets, shows and sporting events.  I also enjoy art and reading.  I love craft beer and spirits, so I am a sucker for a local brewery or distillery.  And, I love to travel. 
Tell us about your family?
I have four kids.  Mollie and Madison are 21 – they attend Iowa State University and the University of Wyoming respectively.  Both want to be teachers.  Tillie and Jackson are 18 and are freshmen this year.  (Yes, I have two sets of twins).  Tillie is attending Buena Vista Universality in Iowa studying social work and Jack is at Des Moines Area Community College studying wind turbine repair/maintenance.
My partner, Marge, is a Technical Analyst for Wellbridge in Denver.  Marge is an avid gardener, Pilates instructor and loves to let her creative side out through arts and crafts.  She also enjoys traveling.
My folks are both living and still farm in western Iowa, in partnership with three of my brothers.  I am the oldest of nine kids.
Do you currently watch any TV series?
Believe it or not, I rarely watch TV.  I cut the cord several years ago and haven’t looked back.  I have done the same with radio.  I used to be a news and political junkie, but decided it was affecting my demeanor and judgment, so I weaned myself to the point where I still have an interest, but it doesn’t consume like it once had tendencies to do. 
Thinking back over time though, some of my all-time favorite series include Seinfeld, Cheers and Friends.  When I was a kid, I loved Happy Days and Dukes of Hazzard.