Posted on Oct 01, 2018
A balance between beach time in Cabo and mountain time keeps this week's Person of Action energized and a driver of the club's future.
Robin Sims, Rotarian since 2012
CPA with Robin R. Sims, CPA
Other than Rotary, which community organizations are you involved in? How does that involvement reflect what you most value about Rotary?
Since “retiring” in late 2012, I have focused my community involvement in Rotary. I was asked to chair my first committee before my membership had been approved, and have been involved with Student of the Month, Interact at Central High School, Dictionaries, a couple of Rotary – Habitat Build days, a small part in planning for the District 5440 convention last held in Cheyenne, and a member of the District audit committee.I have been a Rotary of Cheyenne director for the past three years, and am the current President Elect.
Why did you join Rotary?
I joined Rotary to “make a difference.” The new Rotary vision statement really encapsulates what that means to me.I was hoping to connect to community leaders in a new and meaningful way, to work side-by-side with other Rotarians to make a difference in Cheyenne – especially to the youth in our community.I’m specifically drawn to the concept of helping shape our young people through ethics, leadership, and service.
What have you found to be most beneficial being a member of Rotary?
Stepping into leadership in the Rotary club has allowed me both to utilize my skills as well as to better develop leadership and organizational skills.
What has been your favorite speaker or event with Rotary?
Hands down, my favorite Rotary speaker was a young woman who spoke at the District Assembly about Interact.Jamie Lam, from the San Francisco area, corrected her introduction by saying, “You said that Interact is the future of Rotary. You are WRONG!We are the NOW of Rotary.” Jamie then went on to tell us the promises that Interact can and should offer to their members to be relevant – Promises of Success, of Family, and of Purpose.She reminded us that Interact members and Rotary members alike can both “be changed” and “be the change.”The world had so much promise after receiving her words!
What advice would you give to a person just joining or considering joining Rotary?
Ask yourself why you joined.Then make sure you connect with lots of members and activities that support that purpose!Sit with different folks at lunch, volunteer, attend the other projects and activities going on.Connecting in a club is much like connecting in any other relationship – it will require effort and interest from both sides, but it is so much more fulfilling when you do!
Can you share a life lesson that you have learned though Rotary?
The Four-Way Test can be an excellent guide to making all sorts of decisions, in your personal and professional life, regardless of your age.
What is your favorite winter or summer activity and why?
I love to hike and I love to be on the water in a boat or kayak.
How long have you lived in Wyoming and what do you like most about living here?
After my first exposure to Cheyenne when my then friend (now husband) interviewed for a job here, I exclaimed, “It might be a great job, but there is now way in hell I’d live in Cheyenne.”Cheyenne doesn’t look like the Black Hills of SD, which is where I’m from.I moved to Cheyenne 31 years ago (Living in the same city seemed the prudent thing to do when I was getting married), and we stay here because of the friendships that we’ve made over the years.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
I read, spend time with family, do a lot of walking, and love yoga. I belong to a book club full of interesting and fun women who I adore.
Beloved holiday tradition?
I’m a lefse maker!Whether rolling out dozens of lefse by myself or with a large group of women, it connects me to my grandparents.
Tell us about your family?
This year I will celebrate my 30th anniversary with my husband, Barry.I’ve been blessed with two stepsons and their wives, a daughter and her husband, and two precocious grandchildren.
What is one thing about yourself that no one knows?
Unfortunately, I don’t hold back much and I doubt that there is anything that no one knows.The one thing that most Rotarians won’t know is that in my mid-20’s I suffered from serious depression, and am fortunate to still be here.
Favorite vacation destination and why?
We love to spend time in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, spending time either walking the beach, on a sail boat, or whale watching.Closer to home, we have a second home in Frisco, Colorado where we hike, kayak on Dillon Reservoir, and just go to escape the wind.
Do you currently watch any TV Series?If so, please elaborate.
I’m a crime thriller TV nut, so I often watch “Blacklist,” “NCIS,” “Criminal Minds,” “Elementary,” “Fargo.” But I hate sci-fi or horror, so don’t expect me to ever watch “The Walking Dead.”