He may have skipped school on his first day, but a love of learning and nature keeps this week's Rotary Person of Action busy and engaged in his community.
Tom Brantley, Rotarian since 2012
Of Counsel, Rubin and Rudman LLP and a Contract Writer, Thomson Reuters
Other than Rotary, which community organizations are you involved in? How does that involvement reflect what you most value about Rotary? Cheyenne Concert Association (Treasurer); Meals on Wheels (Driver); Family Promise (Volunteer); Equal Justice Wyoming (New Volunteer). "Service Above Self." Our society relies on volunteerism to reach its potential, and Rotary encourages contributing time and effort as well as money.
Why did you join Rotary? For fellowship and to be active in a service organization.
What has been your favorite speaker or event with Rotary? Tough choice. I've enjoyed most of the talks. I think my favorite event, though, is Student of the Month. I always find that inspiring and encouraging.
Have you attended a District Convention? I have attended one. I enjoyed the whole event. The inspirational talks, the humor, meeting people from other clubs, the energy, the enthusiasm of the attendees.
What advice would you give to a person just joining or considering joining Rotary? Rotary is full of really great people. Get to know as many of them as possible.
Can you share a life lesson that you have learned though Rotary?  People want to help. Don't try to do too much by yourself or you might find yourself falling off the back of a truck!
What is your favorite winter or summer activity and why? Nature hikes. Explore the wonders of creation while exercising.
How long have you lived in Wyoming and what do you like most about living here? I was born in Laramie, but lived in 7 other states before returning in 2010. We came back to be closer to family and because we love Wyoming. I most like Wyoming's wildlife, natural beauty, and wilderness areas.
What is your favorite book (business and/or pleasure)? What did you love about it? Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius. A look inside the mind of a Roman Emperor (and Stoic philosopher) with a lot on his mind. Helped me get through adolescence. I still find it a source of comforting and motivational wisdom.
What do you like to do in your spare time? I like to learn. I'm currently reading books on philosophy and psychology and taking online courses in statistics and recognizing bird songs. I also enjoy drawing and photography.
What is one thing about yourself that no one knows? I played hooky on my very first day of school (yes, 1st grade).
Do you currently watch any TV Series? If so, please elaborate. I've been been enjoying The Americans, Homeland, Longmire, Billions. (It's important to watch the episodes in order, so we get them on DVD from Netflix.) I like good acting, psychological drama, intrigue, and personal conflicts.