Red Cross Hands-Only CPR

Red Cross Hands-Only CPR  **Mtg. location Little America Hotel and Resort
May 11, 2022
Tony Suarez, Red Cross Disaster Program Manager
Red Cross Hands-Only CPR, the meeting location is Little America Hotel and Resort.
 Tony Suarez is a nationally registered Paramedic and is the Red Cross Disaster Program Manager for the Northern Colorado Chapter.  Before joining the Red Cross, Tony was a paramedic with FDNY and a fire department responder on 9/11 in New York City.
The focus of the presentation will be to instruct Rotary members in the latest life-saving method of Hands-Only CPR.  Rotarians will learn how to recognize and evaluate a cardiac emergency, what steps to take and how to safely perform life-saving CPR.   In addition to instruction, Rotarians will be able to practice at their tables with the help of additional Red Cross staff and volunteers.