We have a young lady coming from Argentina who will attend Central and a young man from France who will attend East. I am looking for 3 host families for each student for the 2016-2017 school year.  We would like to find the first families for the students by April 30 to help them in obtaining their visas.  
If you have any questions about what hosting involves you can ask me, Beth Van De Wege, Dirk Miller, Jenny Hargett, Melinda Brazzale, Lucie Osborn, Bud Davis, or Brent Lathrop about what hosting entails as they have all hosted before.  I am sure there are many other Rotarians that have hosted that I have forgotten here. However, the host families do not have to be Rotarians, so if you know any non-Rotarians that you think would enjoy hosting a student from another country, please pass along their information to me.  
You can contact Steph Denning via email at step-on-e@hotmail.com, on my cell phone at 307-421-2553, or at a meeting if you are interested and/or know someone who might be interested in hosting either of these students.